Thursday, March 1, 2007

What is a Demorublican or Robocrat?

To be a true Demorublican or Robocrat one must believe that all sides have both good and bad political platforms.

I do not understand how the Republicans can be pro-death penalty, yet against abortion. Both require the death of a human being - at least in terms of potentially being alive. I hesitate to say that either those on death row or zygotes in uteri are sentient beings. Personally, I have no problem with either, as long as both are carefully monitored and are in medically safe environments. This is part of what makes me a Demorublican or Robocrat.

I do not believe the Federal government has the foggiest idea of how to manage any school system. While I favor federal funding, I believe local boards of education, reporting to STATE Boards of Education. The only requirement that should be owed to the Federal Government is a careful accounting of all funds. The idea that all children must learn exactly the same material (i.e. teaching tests) strikes me as being very narrow in depth. Every state has its' own particular needs that are pertinent for its state. Education should be structured around the needs of the children, not the desires of the Federal Government.

I do not like political blackmail. One of the best examples of political blackmail occurred when Elizabeth Dole, as Transportation Secretary refused to honor obligations made to the States unless they passed seatbelt laws. While I wholly agree with the idea of wearing a seatbelt while driving, I do not believe the Federal Government has any right to withhold funding tax money intended for the states in order to force the states into acquiescing.

I am against allowing persons who break the law for benefiting from their actions. Case in point: allowing illegal immigrants to benefit from services initially intended for American citizens. Even the fines do not actually help - it would be cheaper for me to pay the fines that are now being suggested than to pay my current income taxes.

I do not believe we should have one national religion. Christianity is my
preferred religion; however, I can not find it in myself to condemn any other religions. I was raised as a Christian, so it would seem natural for me to stay one.
I feel more at home in my own church, just as I'm sure most religious persons are comfortable in their choice of religious institutions. This is true whether one is of the Christian persuasion, Islamic, Buddhist, etc. Heck, even in our own Christian beliefs we have several many different organized churches!

As one can see I lean heavily on the more "liberal" side of political poll, but I still carry many of the intrinsic values of God, Country, and Family in my political leanings. I simply do not approve of judging anyone because heaven help me if they start judging me.


d.a.n said...

Yes, I agree.

For several decades now, the federal government seems to mismanage almost everything it touches (Social Security and Medicare come to mind).

Likewise with Education.
Yes, illegal immigration is costing U.S. tax payers over $70 billion per year in net losses.
What is truly despicable is that politicians are pitting U.S. citizens and illegal aliens against each other.

Yes, the idea of a national religion is scary.
While the first amendment prohits that, there appears to be some in government that want just that.
If we allow the first amendment to be violated, we're going to be taking a huge step backwards.

Political blackmail is a problem.
You gave a good example.
Other numerous symptoms are a result of a basic problem in this nation; one that has been brewing for a while.

Government is irresponsible, yet voters reward politicians for being irresponsible.
Hence, government grows even more irresponsible.
Too many voters have tuned out, resigned to futility, or blindly pull the party lever (i.e. vote straight ticket); lazily letting someone else do their thinking for them while wallowing in the petty, divisive, time-wasting, distracting, destructive partisan warfare.

A result of it is fiscal and moral bankruptcy.

P.S. Congratulations on your new blog.

Dawn said...

Illegal Aliens? Like what is happening in Florida?
Undocumented Citizens
What the heck are those?
Concern that illegals will be considered 2nd class citizens.
They are not citizens to begin with!
Our politicians need to stop trying to figure out how to solve the problem without 'alienating' future voters - possible future voters.
So far the only candidate that I know of who seems to want to FIX the border problem is Romney. Tancredo is right in there but I don't know if he has declared his run for office yet.
The border and what to do with the people already here are at the top of my list when it comes to who I am going to vote for.
The Iraq situation will be 'solved' if the Politicians would shut their yaps and let those on the ground do what is needed.
The Federal government has taken on a lot of issues that they should not have. Many things should be left to the states and/or the people. Since the Fed. gov. doesn't trust anyone to get any job done - they have to have hearings, committees, research groups, analysts ... and anything else you can think of - instead of just getting things done.
It's pure insanity.
The best way to please the majority is just to do the right thing.

Highlandangel1 said...

Thank you both!!!
Hum... a brand new forum - WOW!!!

d.a.n said...

Dawn wrote:
The Federal government has taken on a lot of issues that they should not have. Many things should be left to the states and/or the people.

Yes, they have.
Far, far too many things.
Why do they do that?
It has a lot to do with control.
Part of it is a rampant nation-wide sense of entitlement, and dependency on government.

Thus, government meddles in everything, and usually does a bad job at many (if not most) things.

There are now more jobs in government than all manufacturing in the U.S.
Bloated government keeps growing and growing to nightmare proportions.
The total federal debt has never been larger (ever).
Nation-wide debt has never been larger (ever).
A number of things are worse than usual (or ever).
Yet, Do-Nothing Congress ignores them, and too many voters keep rewarding them for it by repeatedly re-electing them.

kctim said...

Linda, seeing the good and bad in different platforms should be something that everybody can see, but they choose not too. Most people are content to only see the good of their party and only the bad of the other parties. It is what people are willing to compromise when they do this, that really scares me.

I would have to say that I do not see anything in your post here which would indicate that you have a "liberal" leaning.
All I see is common sense and respect and I believe you have done an excellent job.

Dawn said...


Maybe in your christian heart you think you are liberal.
I believe people should be able to live as they please - as long as they don't hurt anyone else or try to force their personal views on others.
Our nation has been overrun with many things that the majority deem offensive.
The majority? are Christian or have 'christian values'.
Part of being Christian is not judging people.
Unfortunately, this aspect has been abused to guilt people into 'accepting' things they know are 'wrong'.
IMO - accepting things is completely different than having them shoved down your throat.
People can be conditioned to accept things they normally wouldn't.
We are pummeled on a daily basis with things that should really be kept private.

It is now being said that our pushy and nosy media is effecting things in the Bahamas. They are not used to having their politicians trashed in the media and our press is down there upsetting their society.
...and people think we only do that with bombs.


I've often wondered where the tax money will continue to flow in from to support JUST the governmental jobs!!

American Pundit said...

Nice post, Linda. I suspect most people recognize the good and bad in their own party, but are willing to downplay the bad -- at least in a public forum -- because it's not as bad as "the bad" in the other party.

The worst day fishing is better than... being a Republican, or something like that. :)